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Boudoir Experience Preparation Guide

Guide for making the best of your boudoir experience

You've finally taken the leap and booked your boudoir session. Congratulations! At this point I am sure you are excited about your session... but don't even know where to start when it comes to preparation!

I created this guide for my babes so that they may use it as a guide for not only how to dress, skin prep, and shop for their sessions. Further than that, I have included different ways to get INSPIRED as well.

Whether this session is a gift for someone else or not, it is truly a gift for you. Think of looking through your boudoir images when you need that photographic reminder of what a feminine, powerful and sexy woman that you are from head to toe, inside out.

Self-Love is

The greatest middle-finger of all time!


  1. When it comes to hair and make-up, I believe that it is part of the self-love experience to sit back and be pampered. Expect to spend about an hour to an hour and a half getting glam. Bring in photographs of hair & makeup looks that you love so that my beauty babes can make your vision reality. Be prepared that your makeup might appear a lot heavier in person than you are used to. You may be surprised by how you look at first, but trust me that make-up photographs different than it looks in person.  Trust me that you will love at how it looks in photographs!  
  2. THIS IS A NO SELF-HATE ZONE! When you come into the studio there will be no bad self-talk about yourself! Don’t tell me what you dislike about yourself, tell me what you LOVE about yourself.  Only love is allowed here. 😉 
  3. On the subject of nudity – it is 100% up to you how much you do or do not show. I encourage you to push your own boundaries on this self-love journey, but will never ask you to do anything that you are not comfortable with! Be as modest or unmodest as you would like!
  4. It is totally acceptable to enjoy a cocktail while getting your hair and makeup done to calm your nerves. If cannabis is more your thing, only vapes are allowed in the studio. When it comes to both,  my policy is that you please limit it to a minimum as I want you to be fully present in this experience. 
  5. When you see your final images, I ask that you view them as you would view your friend’s photographs. View them with love, rather than going to our old habits of trying to “look for flaws”. The flaws aren’t there and never were there. It’s all an illusion. Each scar, mark, and curve. You really are so beautiful. 
  6. Repeat “I love myself” in your head each time a thought comes up that is criticizing your body. Not just at the shoot, just starting now after reading this. 

Skin and Hair Pampering Timeline


You can choose to start this right upon booking if you want to commit to some extra self love for yourself. Why not? ;)

Find yourself a relaxing spa that you enjoy and start getting exfoliating facials. Start really loving on your skin with daily moisturizers and SPF if you haven't made it a ritual yet. Check out groupon for local places with skincare services if you are new to this new kind of self-care.

Exfoliate your skin at least 2-3 times a week. Using a great facial scrub will remove dead skin cells, removing the fresh and healthy skin underneath. You will feel how smooth your face feels once you put exfoliating into your routine.

Stay Hydrated! Drink at least 60 ounces of water a day. Hydration gives you energy, and makes your skin all over have that natural glow for the camera. Hydrated skin is happy skin!


TIME FOR SHOPPING! Start trying on different lingerie to see what makes you feel sexy. Check yo' sexy ass out in the mirror in the dressing room! If you are ordering lingerie online make sure to order it now so you have time to try things on before the shoot.


Get your hair cut and colored so you are feeling oh so fresh for all the hair flipping that I am going to make you do! While you are at the salon ask for a deep conditioning as well.

Moisturize DAILY!

Maintain your water consumption and avoid greasy food, beer, or anything that could cause any irritations or puffiness to your skin.


Show up with clean, dry hair. Clean, dry and moisturized face.

Meditate... do yoga... do whatever you gotta do this morning to get in the zone! You are about to have a party to celebrate yourself!

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