San Francisco Bay Area Body-positive Boudoir Photographer for Fearless women

 I am a self-love advocate and boudoir photographer who promotes a body + sex-positive environment for women to appreciate their true authentic beauty through photographic experiences.


What you will notice about me first is my 50 shades of red hair and a loud, firecracker personality. My loved ones and fur babies are my absolute world.  I find the things that really get me all excited include concerts, Star Wars, Disneyland, and random dogs that I see being walked nearby. When you hang around me you risk me making you absolutely and completely believe in yourself. At 23 I decided to say “F-IT” and start my own photography business, so that tells you something about how fearless I can be. Mildly in love with pizza. Will hide for hours to do yoga and listen to funky music.

If you had told teenage me that one day I would be inspiring women to put their self-love first… I would have probably said you were crazy (all while I was wearing black fishnets on the daily). Now I am a 32-year-old San Francisco Bay Area boudoir + portrait photographer, who gets to live out her dreams of creating art that is relatable, vulnerable, and empowering people to become their authentic selves.



It is my hopes that through boudoir photography sessions that the other women that have ever felt lonely, ashamed, and like they just are never good enough like I once did... can see themselves through the eyes of someone that is in awe of them. Boudoir photography offers a woman a visual representation of who she is in her most fearless, true form. I want these images to be seen by the subjects and for the first time, they really see themselves in awe.

The reason these photographs matter is because women need to see themselves in their authentic essence. To see themselves in the same light that they have seen the same bodies on the magazines in the checkout lines. After years of taking care of the kids, a woman needs a few hours to do something 100% for herself with no expectations on her sexiness other than her own.

Not thanks to photoshop. Not thanks to some crazy diet. Not because they got a special facial the night before. But because they see themselves with their walls down. It is my hope that by the end of this boudoir journey you will feel truly comfortable in your own skin.

A woman can be a beautiful, sexual being while also being creative, wild, loving, and RESPECTED. For too long have we been trapped in bodies that we have been taught to hate, rather than embracing all the incredible qualities that it has. What if you were able to spend a few hours with the woman that you know you are deep inside, but have never been confident enough to let out?

The images on this website will show you what a woman can transform into once she lets fear behind. It allows a woman to embrace her sexy, intimate and confidently sensual side without fear of judgment or expectations.