San Francisco Boudoir Session with Nikki

February 21, 2017

Let me tell you my favorite thing about Nikki during her San Francisco Boudoir session.

Her amazing confidence. It’s something that is so rare to see. She would speak about how she is a ‘big girl” but was more happy with her body now than she ever has been. Before her marriage she was smaller, she explained. Always dieting and worrying about fitting into a perfect size. Telling herself one day she would have the body to have some sexy photos taken.

It took her until 30, but she finally looked in the mirror and said “I am good enough now.”

The strength that takes is inspiring. We are not to be stuffed into a box called beauty. We are not something to fill up that box. Our sexiness oozes out of our spirit, not the size of our waists. There was no fear in her eyes. Just a blaring, loud confidence that inspired me in my own journey of self love.

So we met at this beautiful, vintage hotel room in San Francisco. With a talented make-up and hair artist, simple and sexy attire, and my camera, I am so happy to help Nikki celebrate her love of herself. She is a plus size babe who isn’t afraid to call herself just that. And it helps that she is absolutely fantastic in front of the camera.

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