Keeping true to your sexy self

April 1, 2017

We are bombarded daily with imagery of sexy women. Different outfits. Makeup. Hair. Fake lashes. 6 inch heels.  Thigh highs. Airbrushing. Corsets.

So when it comes to booking your intimate boudoir session… you clearly should go for what the lingerie store tells you to do, correct?


What makes you feel sexy, beautiful woman reading this? Do you feel fabulous in those thigh highs? Then wear them. Do you feel awkward and uncomfortable in them – lose them. Heels don’t make the woman – the woman makes the heels.

The point of boudoir and glamour photography is to document the best version of ourselves.  So when picking up outfits for your boudoir photography session, remember to pick up pieces that make you feel sexiest in your skin. Forget the ideas that Maxim are giving you. Look in your closet. What do you love wearing? What makes you feel sexy to slip yourself into?

There are no rules when it comes to loving ourselves. There are no rules in what to wear to make yourself feel sexy.

Boots or heels.
Fake lashes or natural.
Perfect pin-up hair or messy loose curls.
Smokey eye or nude.
Lush red lipstick or nothing more than lip balm.

You are the creator of your own identity. Whether boudoir is something you are considering for your lover, or just for yourself. Remember that this is a representation of who you are. This is the best possible version of yourself. Remember, that by letting your inner self truly shine, we will truly be able to explore the phenomenon that everyone keeps talking about – self love.  And when  you love yourself unapologetically, you give other people in your life permission to do the same.

Never apologize. Never let the world tell you how to be sexy. 

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