East Bay Area Boudoir Portrait Photographer | Fat is not a bad word

April 14, 2019

I’ve felt such a wonderful soul-sista bond with Alexis since I first met her a few years ago. Her fiery personality makes it incredibly hard to photograph her because in her hilariousness I cannot stop laughing long enough to focus on taking a damn photo. After a lot of cheering each other on to focus, we were able to get some sexy images of Alexis strutting her stuff in the studio.

At some point, there was a joke about how with all the fur and diamonds she felt like a rich mad woman who had just ordered her third husband to be killed. I do enjoy some drama, so I will gladly take it.

Aside from creating beautiful photos, there was a moment in a conversation between us where she mentioned that she was fat. I responded like I usually do to all of my ladies who mention that in the studio because I allow no bad self talk in saying “you’re beautiful! Hush!!” She responded in a surprising way :

I didn’t say I wasn’t beautiful. I just said I was fat! It wasn’t negative”

My automatic response was to think she was using the term “fat” in a way to put herself down. When she was just making a statement about her body when it came to a pose that we were doing. But nope, she was just simply stating it like you would state you have brown hair. She took the negative out of that word and let me tell you how refreshing that was.

You can be fat and beautiful.
You can be thin and beautiful.
You can be slightly chunky and beautiful.
You can be absolutely anyone and be beautiful.

Fat doesn’t automatically equal negative. Fat is not an insult.

I just have to share this that she shared on her Instagram on the subject of the negative connotation that we have given the word fat.

“What’s up, I’m fat and getting really sick of people saying “oh no, stop it, you’re beautiful” when I say that. Being fat does not mean that you can’t be beautiful. I adore my curves, I love my chunk, and I am horribly offended by the notion that fatness and beauty are mutually exclusive concepts to people. I am fat, and I am beautiful. My fatness? Also beautiful. I am also funny, smart, kind, and loving. I am passionate, driven, inventive, compulsive, chronically late, and caring. I am fat. And lots of other things. And I like them all. #loveyourself”

Thank you for inspiring me on this day, my beautiful Alexis.

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