A self-love wishlist to treat yourself or your favorite Galentine!

January 16, 2020

When clients book a session with me, I send them a full self-care guide so they can start pampering themselves weeks before their session. Facials, yoga stretches, nutrition, outfits… all the things you need to feel your best in your boudoir session.

However what I also tell them after they have fallen in love with their photos that the journey doesn’t stop here. Keep investing in yourself. Keep investing in loving yourself as fiercely as you would that person that you keep your phone ringer turned up for so you don’t miss a text. Gift yourself things that help you dive in further to the wonderful miracle that is you.

I created this Wishlist for ladies that need to treat themselves to go deeper into their self-love journey before and after their empowerment photoshoot experience.

After I started active recovery for my trauma and depression, I was gifted this book by a friend. It was such a crazy moment of synchronicity considering where I was in my life, and how I had kept seeing the book pop up in random places. I kept feeling drawn to buy it, but kept telling myself “nope, I work too much I don’t have time” as well as “positive thinking and self-help books are crap”. 

So when my friend gave it to me I knew I was meant to read it. And I can say that this book changed my life and how I view myself, my past, my “flaws” and what makes me feel good about myself. It really empowered me to look deeper and see that through loving myself I could change my whole world. It also helps that Jen is hilarious and helps you really connect with the words she is writing. I love the audiobook as well!

Now hear me out – there is a benefit to laying on this little torture device covered in tiny needles. Through a rush of blood to the area that you are using the acupuncture mat on, you can heal tension, pain, and stress. I have had days where my back was completely locked up, and stiff. Lay this out on the floor and after about 60-90 uncomfortable seconds I feel myself calming down so much I sometimes fall asleep on the mat!  After 20 minutes of chilling out (scroll Instagram if you gotta), my back was relaxed and pain-free. 

Also really great for someone that is on their feet all day. Stand on this for 10 minutes for some amazing foot ache relief. 

Apparently, a Kardashian tweeted about this wonderful little tool, but I personally found it on Instagram via Ashley Black the writer of The Cellulite Myth. After struggling with chronic pain and a LOT of cellulite, I started digging into the reasons why and how to heal it. After finding her book, I bought the fascia blaster by Ashley Black and I can truthfully say the before and after that, you see on her Instagram are FOR REAL!

I have not only smoothed my skin out but when I am using it consistently my pain disappears, I become more flexible and it gets my circulation moving and groovin. Foot pain? Scrub it out with some coconut oil and the fascia blaster. Carpal tunnel? Fascia blaster helps with that too.

Another book I read years ago when I started my recovery, this book really helped guide me through any shame, insecurities, or grief to see how all that pain and fear had a purpose. Meditations and journaling exercises in this book really helped me in getting to know and love myself, even the dark days and “flaws” that I have.  By the end of this book, anyone reading it will be feeling more empowered in themselves and their lives.  Like Jen Sincero’s book, I highly recommend the audiobook version of this as well!

This serum is pretty decently priced and in just a few weeks you can see a definite improvement in texture and lines! You can pick it up in-store or on amazon for yourself or someone else who you think might want to treat themselves to some extra love on their skin. We only get one face ladies, let’s love on it!

The benefits of foam rolling include increased circulation, increased flexibility, faster workout recovery, and muscle tension relief. Personally, I suffer from a lot of muscle tension so I foam roll my whole body out daily for that release.  Everyone can benefit from foam rolling and with a few quick youtube tutorials and 20 minutes, there isn’t much of a reason not to scoot it into this New Year’s self-care regime. A great book on the benefits of foam rolling is Taller, Slimmer, Younger: 21 Days to a Foam Roller Physique

  Affirmations WORK. PERIOD. So having this cute little card deck on your desk to pull out a self lovin’ affirmation to focus on when you’re feeling a vibe slump can create some little miracles in your day. A belief is simply something we repeat in our head over and over – this little deck gives you some great new beliefs you might want to adapt to your life. 🙂

Book yourself a session in 2020 or pick up a gift certificate for someone you love that you believe needs this experience! Enjoy a luxury hair and makeup experience at the Downtown Hayward Studio, then walk into your exciting and empowering photoshoot! With coaching and amazing photography, you are sure to walk into your image viewing to see images that truly change the way you see yourself. Treat yourself or another! Payment plans are available. 

  1. Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

When you love someone, you want to get to know anything and everything about them. Treat yourself the same way and get to know yourself.  Gift this to someone special who likes journaling! 

I just signed up and I hope others will join me! Treat yourself or someone you love to what looks like is going to be a great course on getting aligned with happiness and self-love to attract more of everything you want.  

I hope that this helped you find a gift for someone special in your life… and that includes yourself.  Happy Holidays, beautiful humans!




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