San Francisco Bay Area Intimate Lifestyle photography by Heather Elizabeth


Soft and sweet

I love all animals. Except for spiders. Disneyland is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. My momma is one of my best friends, and I love my family with all my heart. If you hang out with me for an afternoon, you will probably hear me say "oh that's so cute!!" about 20 times a day.

Smiling is my favorite habit of mine. Sometimes I laugh way too hard at my own jokes. I get really loud because I spent most of my childhood why and hiding behind my big brother.

I love giving gifts. I love giving love. I am cutsey and adorable and cupcakes make me really giddy.


Sensual and Confident

I found my happiness the day I decided to stop doubting myself. The day I decided that society wasn't going to rule my feelings and desires anymore.

My own version of sexy is good enough for me. In fact, it's amazing for me. I don't cover this body when I am intimate. I don't ask for the lights off. It was through loving my body, owning it, and only sharing it with those that truly deserved it that I gained respect for this beautiful gift that I was given.

Being ok with saying "I have sexual desires" without shame is a power we should all have. It is ok to be as free or as conservative with your body as you would like.

I have so many flaws. They are the obstacles of which I have turned into my opportunity. They are my armor now, and they are what make me magnificent.



My family has made me who I am. My momma taught me to love all animals. My dad taught me to stand up for what I believe in. My mom told me to respect myself. My dad taught me about how music can change your entire life.

We are extremely close. They believe in me, and made me a bad ass.



We are complicated, us humans. And for too long have we tried to box people into categories because it makes us feel safe.

Women, especially, have spent centuries having to uphold rules. If you are a businesswoman, you are frigid and don’t want kids or love. If you are a sexual woman who embraces her body, then clearly you are sleeping around. If you have love handles you better fix those or don’t show up to the beach.

Like you need to have permission to be a woman.

Well, fuck that.

A woman can be sexual, and also selective on who she sleeps with, as well as be an amazing mom and a beast in the workplace. She can be a sensitive artist who is very sexually adventurous, and also really loves animals. She can be a teacher, a poet, a dancer, a cancer survivor, a single mom. She can be straight. She can be gay. She can be bisexual. We can be whatever it is that is our truth.

I want to photograph your truest self. So when the world is trying to make you feel like you aren’t worthy... you can look at these images and be reminded of your truth. Reminded and amazed of your own, beautiful truth.

I want to start a movement of women no longer asking permission to be as sexual, creative, strong, and incredible as they want to be. I want to see it spread.

Are you ready to stop asking for permission?