Katrina | The day I reminded her that she was still beautiful

August 30, 2017

Oh goodness, how I enjoy photographing a fellow red head.


Katrina is an actress and model in Los Angeles, as well runs a successful Youtube channel: Katrinaosity. When these were photographed, she was going through a lot of self-image issues due to health issues. She even admitted when she walked into the studio that morning that she really felt just plain awful about herself.  This woman is not only beautiful inside and out, but she is a freakin’ trooper. This girl has battled a tumor, health issue after health issue, was planning a wedding in Puerto Rico, all while working as a model and actress in the city.   She was feeling awful that day, yet still came in because she believed that this could make her feel better.

When I look at her photographs, I forget sometimes that she was feeling so off that day. Because she looked absolutely ravishing. Her confidence was glowing. Her smile magnetic. And her hair extra fabulous.

She had this to say about our session :

My experience with Heather was absolutely fantastic! She and her hair and makeup artist immediately made me feel at ease, and relaxed, and taken care of. It’s so rare with my busy lifestyle to genuinely feel like I’m being taken care of, and don’t have to worry about any details.

I did my boudoir session when I was planning my wedding, and it was one of the few things at the time that made me actually feel beautiful amidst the stress and business of all the planning. The photos were perfect to give to my husband as a beautiful, sexy, but still classy gift.
I was so pleased with how all the photos turned out, and they actually made me feel beautiful for the first time in a very long while. As someone who struggles a lot with self-confidence, and being hyper critical of myself, this is a huge achievement. I loved the wardrobe choices, the set and softness of the natural lighting, and how they all came together to make something that looks like me, but BETTER. Her editing is completely undetectable and doesn’t make you look like some airbrushed, plastic person that doesn’t look anything like you.
So happy that I could help you see that you are beautiful, Katrina. Even on your days that you don’t feel so much like it.
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