East Bay Boudoir Photographer | Empowering each other

September 26, 2019

Shaela won a boudoir session with me through a contest I was running a few years back. I guess she enjoyed the prize because when she saw that I moved into the new studio space she booked herself another session! One time wasn’t enough and that’s the attitude that I like. Too many people see boudoir photography as a “One time deal”. Like you need a special occasion to celebrate yourself and document your beauty? Nope, this is something that needs to happen over and over again to remind you of the beauty you’ve lost sight of.

One of the powers of boudoir photography is that it is a great pick me up when you are feeling disconnected from your confidence. For many women (like me!) we will tell ourselves that the hurtful things people do to us have nothing to do with us. People do bad things because they are hurting, it has nothing to do with our worth as a person. However, it can still really rock us to our core leaving us feeling that blockage where our confidence used to flow freely. There are many times in a woman’s life where she can feel this way, and I truly believe in this experience as the ultimate pick me up.

While getting her hair and Makeup done, Shaela and I shared experience about how we had both been feeling this way ourselves due to similar circumstances. Where confidence used to be so easy to hold on to, it seemed like a distant memory. There is something so healing about bonding with someone who is going through the dark times as well. It’s a reminder that the pain is temporary, you are not alone, and you are way more amazing than you realize.

That’s the magic in life. When we can come together and empower each other.

I think it was a healing morning in the studio that day. I watched this beautiful woman get her glow back, and I felt mine come back a little bit as well. Thank you Shaela ❤️