Darby | Naked time in the garage

October 24, 2017

It is my goal to take boudoir out of…. the boudoir.

I don’t want to take the same portraits of all of my women. I want to explore themes and concepts to make a set of sexy, intimate portraits that truly represent them. Like a little sexy story.

Some of us have short hair. Some of us have tattoos. Stretch marks, different breast shapes. Tattoos and bare skin. Scars, and smooth. We are born with these features, while some of them are complimentry of our time on earth. Our versions of “sexy” and “beautiful” are all different. So why would I photograph any women in the same location? In the same light? Why would I tell the same story when all of us are such unique creatures.  That is the fun in the art of boudoir photography…

celebrating the unique beauty of every one of my subjects.