Have a Fearless New Year

January 4, 2019

The last months of 2018 were spent diving deep into my soul. Digging up the past, so that I could burn it and finally be at peace. Finally putting my physical and mental health first above all else. Putting my personal growth on the top priority. Looking at the person I am so that I can decide if that’s really who I want to be. Since after all… it’s me who gets to make that choice, right?

It took a lot of laying low, which was quite frustrating for me as I have this habit of being someone who can’t stop going. I allowed myself the time to rest and do things in private so I could really get re-familiarized with the most important relationship of my life: the one with myself.

In this time I started making lists of things that I loved in life. Things I genuinely loved that served no one but myself. I reconnected with my love of journaling, playing with different art mediums, practicing guitar. Then I made lists of all the things I stopped doing because I felt shame about it or was too scared to do in life.

Then I made the decision that my word of the year is fearless, so there is a lot of things I get to start doing now…Naturally, I am starting that journey with some new self-portraits. Because sexy, empowering photos of ones self truly is inspiring to look at.

self love advocate and plus size boudoir photographer in the east bay area, california

I see something beautiful coming this year. Like this new spike of energy after a long resting period. I’m reconnected to my power and excited to work towards evolving in every aspect of my life and business. 
Happy new year everyone 😘 May miracles come naturally to you all this year.