San Francisco Bay Area boudoir photography studio | Miss Jaclyn

July 5, 2019

This badass beauty came into the studio and lit it up immediately with her fiery personality. She hopped into the make-up chair bubbly with excitement. Upon greeting me, a complete stranger she only knew of on the internet she handed me three beautiful cards with quotes from Danielle Laporte. It was one of those moments like when the book falls off the shelf that you really need to read, or you run into that person that you were just thinking about.

“Settling for crumbs doesn’t make you full, it keeps you starving.”

“What are you teaching the world?”

“Teach them how to love.”

These three quotes were so pertinent to my own personal journey that I was currently experiencing. It’s like she knew what was going on in my life the quotes were so perfect. Feeling gratitude washed over me for this awesome moment of synchronicity. This chick was awesome and I couldn’t wait to get to know her more.

Miss Jaclyn, you make me have to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming. Your kindness, beauty, and authenticity are so refreshing. I am so insanely proud of you for choosing to push yourself past your own comfort zones to do something so wonderful for yourself. Not only that for but winning a coveted Leadership award in the Coast Guard. Girl, you better be proud of everything that is you.

I can’t explain how good it feels when I hear the reactions of my client’s regarding their experience and photographs. To see their faces light up when they see the images of themselves on the screen is something I will never grow bored of. It’s truly a miracle to change how you see yourself, and I am so grateful to be a part of that for so many women.

Not only did she trust me to photograph her boudoir session, but afterward took the time to leave some kind words for me regarding her session.

I don’t care what color, shape, size, gender you are. You will feel Incredible and comfortable in front of her camera. Get ready for good jams and great giggles. She did so good at coaching me through our shoot, everyone who’s seen my photos has been like “wait, you model?!” They’re honestly amazing and I still Feel like a glowing goddess because of her (mind you, it’s been months since our shoot).

I also purchased an album by her. We picked each photo together and she designed the pages for me. My shoot came to life on the buttery soft pages of my intimate album. Everything from the color, cover, layout, pictures.. I had a say in everything but with her help, it blew away my expectations. I highly recommend her to capture whatever it is you’re looking to capture. Whether you want to spark a flame and show off your love for yourself or the love you have with another human (or pet, she loves animals), seriously she will blow you away.