San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Studio Real Client Experience | Lizzie

July 29, 2019

Ever feel like the entire Universe was connecting you with someone. Like you were destined to meet? I feel that way about Lizzie. When she reached out to me about wanting to do a boudoir session to prove to herself and other women of her age that sexiness and self-love isn’t something that you give up once you reach a certain age. This idea got me so inspired, and I couldn’t wait until our shoot day to meet. And it turns out I didn’t have to…

As you might know, I have photographed weddings for 10 years and still photograph a limited amount yearly. While I was photographing one of those weddings earlier this year I saw a face that just looked so familiar in the church during the ceremony. She had long beautiful hair and this fabulous blue dress on. It kept bothering me that I felt like it might be Lizzie… this amazing woman that had contacted me about a session. But in the hustle and bustle of the day overthought my way out of greeting her and asking her. Well, I didn’t have to because by the time reception came that beautiful woman in the fabulous blue dress came over and it was in fact Lizzie who recognized me as well! It was like meeting an old friend, except it was our first time seeing each other face to face.

When our shoot finally happened, it was nothing short of magic. Lizzie came into the studio and while she got her hair and makeup done I got to know more and more about her story. Her falls and rises. Her journey through self-love and becoming in love with the person who she is. It inspired me and to think of her story now moves me to tears. Although it was technically my job that day to help her reconnect with the beauty that was her, I have to say that Lizzie helped me reconnect with myself that day through getting to know her.

She had some really wonderful things to say about her time at the studio and the photographs we made from it.

50+ year old woman celebrates herself through a boudoir session by san francisco bay area portrait photographer Heather Elizabeth

Why did you originally want to do a boudoir session?

I wanted to be beautiful and sexy for once in my life I’ve never had much confidence or self-esteem, and I definitely never felt beautiful. I know that probably sounds superficial, it shouldn’t matter what my outer appearance looks like. I have a beautiful heart and soul…but I just wanted to finally see myself that way.

How did you feel before your session?

I was excited!! You were my second boudoir session, so I had a little better idea of how to prepare, what to bring and what not I had the BEST time, you are so fun to work with.

How did you feel during your session?

I felt relaxed and ready to go as if we did this all the time. You made me feel comfortable and safe so that I could let myself go and give you my all. We had so much fun, laughing and carrying on, all while your taking photos of me. I am not a model, I’m a caregiver, so you directing me on how to pose, and literally showing me when I couldn’t grasp what you wanted me to do, was Amazing!

50 year old woman celebrates herself through a boudoir session by san francisco bay area portrait photographer Heather Elizabeth

How was your experience of seeing the images?

AMAZING!! No joke! I look at these photos and see a beautiful mature woman, who is owning and honoring herself in all her glory…….and that woman is Me. I recommend all women of all ages to do a boudoir photo session. Not only do you get to have your hair and makeup done, but you get to prance around in lingerie while having your photos taken.

It’s such an empowering feeling that will stay with you, and if you forget, you can look back at your photos and instantly go back to that moment and be empowered again. It’s not about being conceited, it’s about seeing yourself as the beautiful badass goddess that you are…….That is what it does for me💚I hope I get to play in your studio again, it was an amazing experience

Thank you so much Lizzie. For the words that fill my heart with so much gratitude and for allowing me to share your story and images with the world.

There are not enough women over 40 in our media. 35 is even pushing it. The idea that our beauty, sensuality, and purpose expires at a certain age is absolutely ludicrous and I want to change that. So thank you, Lizzie, because the way we normalize real women is by putting it in peoples faces. By being seen as we are. By you being bold enough to be seen, you inspire other’s to be seen as well.