San Francisco Bay Area Couple’s Boudoir session | Lizzie and Brett’s Intimate portrait experience

July 7, 2021

I love empowering women as a San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir photographer. However, I am also so passionate about photographing couple’s boudoir sessions to document the intimacy between two unique humans to create images that they will cherish forever.

Lizzie is a long-time boudoir client of mine, and when she told me she wanted to add her husband Brett to her boudoir session, I was so excited and inspired! Most men are sometimes even more terrified of the camera than women, and Lizzie having trust in me helped Brett relax into the session more, and soon he was able to enjoy and have fun.

The studio is a safe space for my clients to be as tame or as ✨spicy✨as they want to be. My couples and I go over inspiration images and discuss what they hope to get out of the session, so every one is entirely comfortable during their experience. As you can see in these images below… Lizzie and Brett wanted to make some steamy images! I’m just posting some of the tamest images 😉

Here is some heartwarming feedback Lizzie and Brett sent me regarding their couple’s boudoir session with me!

“From the very beginning with Esperansa doing my hair and makeup. Getting dolled up to have your picture taken is….intoxicating! And addicting!! Heather started with solo shots of me to help set the mood and theme. My husband was having the best time watching me as Heather gave me directions on how she wanted me to pose. This woman is so good that she will get down and show you how she wants you. Which with this being my second shoot, I felt completely at ease with Heather. I was her muse and felt like a professional model. Then she had my husband join in the shoot.

We started slowly as not to spook him, lol. But before long, he was relaxed and comfortable in all of our poses. I must say, it got pretty steamy in Heather’s studio! Mine and my husband’s intimacy level went off the chart that day. We bonded in front of the camera, expressing our Love, desires, and devotion to each other. On the day of our reveal, we fell in love with ALL of the photos, seriously. Heather captured the essence of our Love; you can SEE it and FEEL it when you look at our photos. This shoot is to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, and I believe we Nailed It. And I am so happy to have shared this experience with my husband. “

When I asked Lizzie what she would say to anyone else considering a Bay Area Couple’s boudoir session with me she said :


Heather is amazing at pulling out your inner Goddess. She brings out your essence and makes you feel like the beautiful empowered woman/man that you are. You don’t need to remove your clothing for Heather to make you feel like a million dollars. You can be as modest or uninhibited as you wish. What a wonderful feeling that is to have.

Empower yourself, Love yourself 

Thank you for trusting me with you and your husband’s loving, intimate connection Lizzie! I am so grateful to be a part of creating images that they will look back on for years.

Interested in booking your own couple’s boudoir session at my Downtown Hayward studio space? Contact me today and let’s chat.