A + J’s Intimate San Francisco Couples Boudoir session

August 16, 2017

It was a fun night out with girlfriends. Drinks were had. Fun was made. But she also wanted to hurry home to show off her special outfit under her dress. 

Life gets crazy with the kids. Jobs. House cleaning. She knew he loved and desired her even in her messy hair and sweats. But for tonight the kids were away with the sitter. She was feeling the drinks kick in as her taxi dropped her off. Finally, she would have him all to herself. Feeling sexy. Feeling glamorous. Feeling excited to have a night together where they just got to re-explore each other’s bodies. 

Couples boudoir is the most intimate things I have ever photographed.

Love and passion is an incredible thing to watch. How two lovers interact with each other. Being a couples boudoir photographer is something that I don’t think I can describe in words. Being able to document these two lovers in this moment and the physical connection they have. The soft kisses. Carresses. Being a silent observer to this connection.

All of our connections are so unique to who our partner is. Each one of these sessions all tell such a unique story.

I am capturing the most sensitive moment between two people. And that, darlings, is an honor.

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