What to bring to your boudoir photo shoot | Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

March 2, 2019

There are so many things that are in your mind before a session, that it’s not surprising that you have NO idea what to bring to your session. Especially if you are someone that doesn’t wear sexy lingerie or even own a pair of heels. That’s why I wanted to write a blog about what every woman should bring to their boudoir session. No matter who your boudoir photographer is, this is an essential list of things you should have. After photographing countless boudoir sessions over the years, there are definitely some lessons that you learn along the way when it comes to wardrobe

1. A black bra and panty set

This is an outfit that looks great on EVERYONE! Little black panties and bra always looks sexy and shows off a woman’s individual beauty without being distracted by any flashy colors.

2. A nude colored thong

This is for two reasons. If you are wanting to do an implied nude but are feeling a little modest, then make sure to bring a nude thong will give you that sexy bare naked in bed look without taking off your bottoms. Also, it makes it way more comfortable to use your photographer’s wardrobe (if they have one). Just wear a nude thong under any of the lingerie you borrow and save yourself a cleaning charge!

Nude thongs are easily photoshopped out of images to look like all that you are wearing is the lingerie.

3. One pair of heels

Even if you aren’t a woman that enjoys heels, a boudoir shoot is about going slightly outside your comfort zone and trying new things. Get into your inner feminine goddess and rock a pair of heels for your session. This helps with a lot of the poses that your photographer is going to have you do as well.

seductive boudoir photography by heather elizabeth in hayward california

4.Your pajamas

Ok not for your actual photoshoot, but at least to arrive at your session in! 😂Wearing loose-fitting clothing and shoes to your boudoir session is really essential to avoid any bra lines, socks lines, or other marks that clothing can leave on your skin.

kink and fetish boudoir photographer san francisco bay area

I hope that this list helps you in planning out your own boudoir session. And remember, if you forget these items when running out the door for your shoot… you can always just go nude. 😉