It started out as a gift… San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Client Experience | Kayla

August 13, 2019

In a world that is so fast pace and people treat relationships more disposable than ever, it’s incredible when I am able to keep connections with clients over the years. I first met Kayla when I photographed her wedding and engagement years ago. What an extra treat it was to now get to hang out with her in the studio to create some empowering boudoir portraits.

She’s a beautiful mother, wife, friend and overall human being. The fire that Kayla brought to her session was absolutely magic to photograph. Leaving her inhibitions behind at the door paid off and while she fully immersed herself in the experience I created some photographs that truly showed her powerful essence. STEAMIN’ UP THE CAMERA GIRLLL 💜

Thank you so much to Kayla for not only allowing me to share her images but taking the time to share some thoughts about her experience as well.

Why did you want to do a boudoir session?

I originally wanted to do a boudoir session because I wanted to be able to give my husband a nice gift the day of the wedding and to also feel sexy and empowered while doing so

How did you feel before the session?

I was nervous for one not knowing what to expect, and two because I wasn’t sure if I could feel sexy or comfortable being so vulnerable with my body. Especially when I’ve always been so self-conscious about myself.

plus size body positive boudoir photographer in the san francisco bay area

How did you feel during the session?

Honestly as soon as Heather(Hair&makeup artist) started on my makeup and you had the music going is what was already putting my nerves at ease.

Once we jumped in and you started posing me and directing me my nerves completely went away because I felt so safe and knew I was in good hands. It was honestly easier than engagement photos

How did you feel when you saw the pictures?

I was surprised when I saw the pictures. It was one thing to feel comfortable and sexy in front of the camera, but to actually look at my photos and see the confidence come through and actually like them was the BEST feeling. It inspired me to try and feel that way all the time. It made me see for once what my husband would always tell me. That I’m beautiful.

How do you feel now looking back on your experience?

I feel like after my experience I was able to walk away with more confidence and pride in what I was doing. It takes a lot to put yourself out the and get out of your comfort zone, but the second you do, it can create magic! I love having my photos to look back on, especially when you’re had a rough day and need that reminder of how awesome you are.

What would you say to women who are still waiting on “someday” to book their session?

To the women who say “one day”.. stop waiting around for “weight to come off” or for you to feel at your most beautiful self. You’re already there!! And you need to rock what you have because so many people see the beauty in you already, and it’s time you see it for yourself too! I kick myself everyday for not doing this sooner!

Please know that there are not enough words in the world to thank you for bringing these opportunity’s to me and for Inspiring so many women. I’ve been going through a hard time lately and your posts and what you stand for help me so much. So THANK YOU!!!

Thank you so much for all of the kind words. It’s a busy world we live in so when someone takes the time to give feedback on their experience it means so much to me. Trusting someone with boudoir photos is so hard and it is an honor that you chose me. ❤️

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