San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Studio – Sunday Self love thoughts and sexy photos with Emily

July 21, 2019

We are brought into this world loving ourselves. Babies can’t do anything but love. No child is brought into this world programmed to hate everything about themselves.

That programing starts attacking our sweet brains so quickly though. We watch our mothers talk about how “fat” and “old” they are getting. We watch them compare themselves to the beautiful lies in the magazines, so we think that it’s something we should do as well. It’s not their faults though – their mothers and then their mothers had the same programming done to them. You can’t go anywhere without a constant blast in your face of reasons why you should hate yourself.

The world sold us a lie. They didn’t realize we would figure it out.

If you could just remember to order that slimming green tea than you could finally be beautiful and ready to live.

If only you had less cellulite you could finally wear those shorts and feel free and never have any problems ever!

To be feminine is to have long, flowing hair because
men love long hair.

Tighter, slimmer, softer, better, better, BETTER

If you were like her, you would have her life and you would be happy

I don’t know why the world turned it’s back on women over the years. But I do know what helps me when I am in a dark tunnel of those thoughts – celebrating another woman in her authentic light. It’s like magic.

It could be just a phone call with a girlfriend that she needs a pep talk and I give her the full Heather RAH RAH treatment. But whatever the social setting, lifting another woman up when I am feeling down will always… always result in me feeling better about myself.

So thank you so the women who come in here and bare their bodies and souls to help me create art from it. Celebrating you makes me have a deeper love of myself.

Lift each other up, and let’s watch the world fill up with a lot of happy, confident women who love each other.

Xo~ Heather