San Francisco Bay Area Intimate Boudoir Portraits | Ace

May 10, 2019

One of the greatest powers of portraiture is to be able to capture someone’s true essence. Just a split second in time when my subject has let themselves be comfortable, and I feel the excitement as I click the shutter. Part of boudoir for me is when someone not only takes time to celebrate their body and sexiness but to celebrate them as an individual.

Ace is one of the strongest, most authentic humans I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. An advocate for disabled people who want the same accessibility as everyone else, it was important to Ace to bring the wheelchair that they sometimes must use due to chronic illness to be a part of the session. “Disabled people are always so desexualized,” she told me and I have to agree. Anyone that is “different” is always desexualized in the media. Because.. you know only that perfect model of the human form is capable of being a sexual being?

In my studio, we are against bullshit like that. In a world that we have been brainwashed into black and white ideas of sexy is. So we spent an afternoon celebrating all the different aspects of Ace’s personality and creating some fantastic art. And Ace must have enjoyed it as well from the review that they wrote for me! ❤️

Working with Heather was absolutely amazing! She was kind, sweet, funny. She made the entire experience feel totally normal and not overwhelming or scary at all. It was totally natural to shoot boudoir, even though that’s something I haven’t done before. She clearly knows exactly what she’s doing to make you feel sexy. Her studio is badass and has so many options for what you’re looking for! 

I adore you Ace and I cannot wait to photograph you again.